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Apple Blossom Time Party

Apple Blossom Time - that time of year when weddings happen! This is a great package giving you creative attention to detail in a gorgeous vintage atmosphere.

  • Time: 4 to 4.5 hours max

  • National ID Card invitations – we check these on arrival- they are Ministry of Defence documents you know!

  • Ration champagne on arrival (Elderflower and sparkling water) in coupe champagne glasses.

  • Hand painted horse-shoe gift for the bride

  • Creative ceramic illustration session full of fun illustration techniques. Wide choice of kitchen ware including plates, bowls, cups and saucer, butter dishes, serving platters, jugs, wine coolers…..

  • If you are on a hen party weekend, we will glaze and fire overnight so items will be ready for collection the following morning.

  • Specially laid vintage tea table  for high tea. A wide choice of sandwiches, crisps, chutney savoury pastries and your home made scones, and cakes, served with artisan coffee and loose leaf tea. We will send a menu and can cater for all special dietary needs.

  • Personalised ration book menu with your special tea party details.

  • Staff in period dress and fabulous 1940’s music

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