TAKE Away Art Kits

If you can’t come to a workshop…do it at home in your own time.

If our workshop timings do not suit you, or you simply prefer to create in your own time and space, take an art kit.

Art Kits are fully comprehensive:

  • Selection of paints
  • Mark making tools, straw, sponge scratchy stick, paint brushes, pencil.
  • Your ceramic item from a very wide choice.
  • Two kit sizes £15 or £20.
  • Instructions and advice.


  • Call by The Kitchen Front to collect your art kit.
  • Make your choice of colours and item
  • Take home and create
  • Bring back to the Kitchen Front. Please allow 48 hours for glazing and firing. Once fired your item is dishwasher safe.
  • If you bring back your left over paints and pots, you get a £1 recycle refund.
  • Collect your finished piece to take home.

Ideal for keeping everyone happy!

For more info, please call 01288 350107. Please note that these kits are collect only and not viable for posting.