Lino Print, Fabric and Ceramic.

This is a unique opportunity to create a matching ceramic and fabric accessories for your kitchen, by using a technique called Lino Print.

We will show you how to make your own prints, discuss pattern making, tiling and then you will use two different types of paints: Ceramic underglaze on bisque and then fabric paint on linen.

  1. Learn how to use lino tools and create your own prints.
  2. Introduction to pattern making and tiling.
  3. Use you lino print to make a piece of kitchenware…we suggest a breakfast jug or plate.
  4. Use your lino print to make a matching tea-towel, using beautiful, blank linen tea towels.

Session is a 5 hours, but you will be busy! There is a lot to do especially when home made cake and a cup of tea is included!

Cost £45 per person and includes and equipment and materials.