Ceramic Kitchenware

Things in your home should be practical and beautiful. When you come to a ceramic kitchenware workshop, I will help you build your artistic confidence with  illustration techniques because everyone can do art….even if you think you can’t!

Workshop are half days  lasting 3 hours

(please do not confuse our workshops with the drop-in paint-a-pot style sessions for young children.)  In our workshops, people often surprise themselves trying techniques such as scgraffiti, splatter, print and stencil. We are frequently  told that the workshops are not only fun, but because you get engrossed in what you are doing, they are totally calming and relaxing. We definitely have a creative atmosphere in here!

The cost of the session is £9 plus whatever you chose to make.

We have a huge range of practical kitchenware bisque than is dishwasher safe once glazed and fired. The average spend is £25-£29pp including the session fee.  We have been told on many occasions that we offer great value for money, so you will not be disappointed.

It is ideal for all adults, friends, family, groups and anyone aged 8 years old and above.

As professional illustrators, we share our knowledge and give you the confidence to try things that you would not do. Maximum group size is 8 per session. This is because we need to spend time with each person helping you get the most out of the illustration session. Please let us know if you want to book a private group for just yourselves.

Add to your work

We have clock mechanisms so you can make your plate into a clock; or create a two tier cake stand as we have all the bits and bobs for that. Whatever you have in your mind, we will help you create.

Please book in advance.

Our workshops are very popular, particularly in school holidays. Please check the calendar for dates here…. CALENDAR 

Did we mention cake?

Did we mention that we include proper home made cake and tea or coffee? All served on our vintage china, making the whole experience truly special. Private groups can have the cake or Cream Tea of their choice.