Fabric Block Print

This  fun workshop is in two parts. First we show you how to create a block print from wood and a selection of mark making materials.  It is very creative using a range of techniques. We think it is important that you create your own prints.

Choose from a wide selection of practical textile items such as aprons, bags, tea-shirts and tea-towels. Prices start at £10 for an item. The average spend is £25pp including the studio equipment fee.

You will use high quality fabric paints to transfer your prints to your fabric. We discuss pattern tiling and assist with your design.

Please allow 3 hours for fabric printing as there is a lot to get through.

There is a lovely creative atmosphere here at The Kitchen Front. We are very relaxed proving creative art is good for mindfulness.  Sessions include tea/coffee and cake.  Items are fixed on the day, so are ready to take home at the end of your session.