Your wellbeing is important to us

All of our workshops are run in a calm environment. We run very happy sessions where you can focus on the moment and the task in hand. Our role is to give you confidence because we believe everyone can do art.

We don’t highlight mental health, but we are quietly aware of the positive impact a creative art session can have on you. All the gals here at The Kitchen Front have been on training with Arts-Well, a Cornish charity for mindfulness and the arts. More than that, we have been told by so many people how calming and confidence boosting our workshops are.

So don’t worry, we know that everyone struggles sometimes. We don’t judge or ask questions but we are very aware that some people need a little bit more help and encouragement.

You can join in with any of our workshops and find yourself immersed in a different activity; In a low-tech, nostalgic atmosphere where we help you be the best you can be.

Should you wish to chat in confidence about any courses, please call 01288 350107 and speak to any one of us. We are here to help you.