Wide range of creative arts workshops for every age.

Here at The Kitchen Front, we hope to keep your minds active and creative with some fabulous art workshops. You really can make your own things and surprise yourself!

We have a ‘Make Do and Mend’ ethos believing that old fashioned home making is best and most appreciated. Make something amazing for your home or as a gift. Our studio is bright, airy, calm and workshops include a spot of homemade cake. It is a truly wonderful way to relax, be with friends, learn new skills or best of all, create a forever gift.

Our Workshops 2021

  • CERAMIC PAINTING – for primary school age and parents. Top tips and paint!
  • CERAMIC ILLUSTRATION – half day, ideal for 10yr+. Lots of techniques and choice.
  • STONEWARE – – brand new and very different to painting earthenware.
  • RAW CLAY- CLOCKS – you need a couple of weeks. Terrific fun working from clay.
  • FABRIC BLOCK PRINT- ideal for all the family. Create your own print blocks and designs.
  • SCREEN PRINT – bit more technical for fabric printing.
  • FABRIC APPLIQUE – whole day creating an art piece from fabrics.
  • WELLBEING – We understand how important art is for calming the mind.
  • BABY & MUMS – Baby prints for forever gifts.
  • FAMILY ADVENTURE DAY – Combine Canadian Canoeing with arts and afternoon tea.

Just check the calendar for workshops. Private bookings taken year round.

To book, please call the studio on 01288 350107;  Contact us here or email us at

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