VE- DAY + 75

  • VE Weekend 1940s tea room
  • Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd May
  • Open from 10am – 5pm.


Live music from the fabulous Miss Elizabeth Hobbs,

Original 1940s recipe cakes, Ration menu, Artisan coffee and loose leaf tea.

Included is one VE replica newspaper per couple to keep.


We missed out on celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Weekend last year, and even this one will be belated, but press on we will!  We can only seat 16 people, socially distanced, so please do book in advance if you can. We allow 1.5 hours per seating. Table reservations are £2.50 per person plus your menu choice which is taken on the day. The menu starts at £6pp for a pot of tea or coffee and a generous slice of cake; The most expensive thing is the Churchill’s Tea Cabinet full afternoon tea at £13.50 per person.


We pride ourselves on the authenticity of the era with the atmosphere, the recipes, the music and all our staff are in period dress. It is a very special tearoom weekend that we only do two or three times a year.  We look forward to greeting you with warm nostalgia.

Please phone us or book your ticket here.