…should not be stressful!  No mess, no fuss for you and a creative art session and birthday tea for the children.

  • Creative Workshop – Ceramic design (one item pp) Choice of 8 gorgeous pieces such as mugs, plates and cereal bowls.

  • We provide homemade cake or cream tea and squash included in the price,  all served from a beautifully laid tea table with vintage china. The girls love it!

  • Additional help with party games. Please feel free to bring your own foods like sandwiches and snacks. We have basic catering facilities here which you are welcome to use.

We kindly ask that at least one parent must stay and assist please. Items are glazed and fired within a 72 hours. We recommend that the party organiser collects them all to distribute to guests. We can cater for up to 12 children and entertain them for 1.5 -2 hours. (depending on age, they younger they are, the quicker they are done!). Minimum party size is 6, thank you. We can do smaller groups but the price will be a little more expensive. We look forward to meeting you and your children! Minimum birthday age is 4.

Enquire about availability HERE